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Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975), who is best known in this country as an inspired filmmaker, was also thè most outspoken and originai Italian writer of his generation, the author of distinguished and con-troversial novels and plays, political and literary criticism, and, above all, poetry. His poems are widely considered the most important contribution to Italian literature since Montale and, along with the work of Bertolt Brecht and Pablo Neruda, represent the most powerful political poetry of the century. This dual-language book presents his major poems as well as an autobiographical essay, which together make for an outstanding introduction to Pasolini's exceptional gifts as a poet.

  • Pasolini seems to me indisputably the most remarkable figure to have emerged in Italian arts and letters since the Second World War. Whatever he did, once he did it, had the quality of seeming necessary. His poetry is an important part of his passionate, proud, historically vulnerable body of work, a work in and with history; and of the tragic itinerary of his sensibility.
Susan Sontag
  • The publication of a volume of translations by Norman MacAfee of Pasolini's best poems reminds us of what an extraordinary man he was. Of his copious writings, his poetry seems most likely to endure.... translated now with clarity, ingenuity, and fidelity by Norman MacAfee.
Edmund White, The New York Times Book Review
Writer and film-maker Pier Paolo Pasolini spent most life in direct confrontation with the society that produced and later rejected him. His artistic production testifies to the struggle which he lived as he consistently threw his body into the fray as an instrument for social justice.
The Savage Father, one of Pasolini's least known books, is one of his most important challenges to himself and to the world. The book pits assumed Western cultural supremacy against the battle for Africa's freedom and self-assertion.
The Savage Father offers a deep analysis of the internal struggles between the colonizer and the colonized, as well as showing us the externalized conditioning to which both are prey.

"Written as a screenplay, The Savage Father can also be viewed as Pasolini's examination of his own theoretical assertions about film and literature. The real power of this text resides in its being a sort of preliminary work on de-colonization and post-colonialism, two areas of burning interest in our contemporary world."

Pasquale Verdicchio
[Pasquale Verdicchio is also a poet and a nonfiction writer.]



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